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    Martin Doherty
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    11-20 years
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    warm coastal area
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    More than 20000RMB
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    Available to begin working ASAP.
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    2018-09-27 17:49
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    2018-09-29 16:34
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I have been a Founding Principal / School Director for several years at British, American and Canadian International and ESL schools, having launched new schools and lead teams in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Prior to that I also launched and ran my own children’s leadership Montessori based school in Toronto, Canada.

As an experienced IT Senior Project Manager and Business Process Manager, I have lead huge
multi-hundred million dollar projects delivered solutions to core business to improve profitability,
visibility and overall performance to for approximately 15 years with Fortune 500 IT companies in
Toronto, CANADA and in the USA; having lead two of the largest North America telecom
projects, along with a wide & very diverse range of other technology projects.

I am also a certified Martial Arts Black Belt Instructor and a Committee Member for Ontario
Early Years Centre (PAC) . I place a strong emphasis on youth physical and physiological
development. I am also a Sports Ontario Certified Instructor.

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