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Executive School Principal

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Shenzhen | Posted by:Doherty     Sep 27 18:18 share    Tel:+971569883891     Working City:Shenzhen   Hits:

A specialist in Leading New School Launch & Improvement Projects!

My personal website & video: ethoseducation ( . ) net

* Founded,  launched and lead new American, British (GEMS) and Canadian International K-12 & English Language schools in the Gulf Region, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, Mexico, USA and Canada.

* Executive Principal of an American International (K12) school in the UAE with 3600 students... I am open to arrange some time to discuss about any suitable roles you may have.

* Previously launched and ran my own Montessori styled Early Years Centre (in Toronto, Canada.)

* Masters Educational Leadership, Business Administration, Technology & English Language degrees.

* I am a Canadian citizen.  

* Former Senior Project Manager / Business Process Manager, for over 10 years with Fortune 500 companies (head offices: IBM, Bell Mobility, Sprint PCS, TELUS Mobility, Canada Life, Minacs) in Toronto, CANADA and the USA.

My personal website & video: ethoseducation ( . ) net

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