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  • Abbas987

    how to find teaching math jobs in China?

    Hi Guys 
    i am newbie on this forum and i have a question to you?
    I want to find a job as an math teacher and does anybody know any trustworthy and safe Chinese teaching job offer web site? 
    I found some job offers posted on websites but i have no idea whether safe it is.
    thank you for your replies

    1 year agoin Teaching & Leaming-Shenzhen
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  • circusbounce
    Find a job website, and check if there is a math teaching offer, try the craigslist, maybe you can find some math jobs.
    1 year ago
  • George234

    firstly,you should find a job finding website which is reliable.
    secondly ,you should post your information in this website
    and then, just wait for it .

    1 year ago

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